Under the Radar: What to Consider with Your Next Copier

Houston's Color Copier Deal - Xerox WorkCentre 7835Looking at the things that sometimes slip through the cracks can help you to decide on the best copier for your business. Many people fail to look at everything, and as a result, they end up paying a lot more. While it might seem that everyone at the company understands using a copier, you may want one or two individuals given the role of stopping paper jams properly and reducing or enlarging images. Most people only understand how to put the paper in the feeder, but having an expert can reduce the confusion around the copier. Your experts should also be the only people authorized to order more supplies and manage the maintenance contract. With two of these people on your staff, you can save a lot of cash from repairs and costly errors.

Second, you have to look at maintenance agreements. While it might sound like just another expense to you, you have to trust that it will be worth the money. Paying a contractor to independently come in, you can end up paying the premium cost for the labor and parts. A maintenance agreement will often cover these charges, but you also have to read the fine print carefully to know what you will and will not be charged for. Finally, copier machines are particularly vulnerable to static electricity, so placing your copier under a rubber mat can save you on repairs from a fried machine.