Reasons to Choose Xerox

Fotolia_7382520_Sv2Xerox offers what is known as the total experience guarantee. Unlike some of the other vendors, that means that all aspects of the experience from the equipment to the service to the lease to the analysts to the support center and parts will be covered under the Xerox Total Experience Guarantee. Because they are a Fortune 500 company, you also have reassurance that you have hired a solid company. With this security blanket, you can rest assured that if you buy a lemon, the warranty will cover you and replace the equipment.

The company also has what is known as Xerox Print Around Technology. This means that once a job has been sent to a device, if the necessary resources are not there, a note and alert will be sent, but the device will continue operating. That ensures that the productivity at your company continues until you have restored the resources. Xerox also has what is known as the Unlimited Scan Ahead. That means that you can scan as many pages as you want in a single file, and you can scan an unlimited number of individual scans. With the Smart Kit Technology, you maximize your uptime, and Xerox copiers will give early detect when you are running low on supplies so that you stay in operation. These copiers have been designed for intuitive navigation so that you spend more time accomplishing your business tasks and fewer minutes on fiddling with understanding the copier.