Researching Copiers? Ask the Right Questions

copier_girlHouston Copier’s Tip of the Day: Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Our representatives at Houston Copier strive to make the purchasing process for a new copying machine as painless and easy as possible. To help us achieve this goal, it is necessary for your company (the client) to both know and ask the correct questions so that we can recommend the optimal copying machine for your needs. Examples of good questions that your company should ask us when deciding which machine to purchase are:

• Are maintenance of the copying machine and supplies that the copying machine may require included in the initial purchasing price, the monthly contract, or not at all?
• What is the cost of the machine individually vs. the cost including necessary supplies?
• What other additional accessories costs may our company incur on such components as faxing and finishing?
• How many different technicians are available at Houston Copier to service our company’s machine if the unexpected were to happen?
• When one of Houston Copier’s representatives says that the “buyout is free”, does that mean if I did not have an old machine to replace the costs would be the same? If not, what is the pricing difference?
• Is my potential copying machine networkable?

These are just some examples of the many questions that your company should research and be able to ask their Houston Copier sales representative about for the most successful buying experience.