The Right Copier for your Business

Choosing a copier for your business can be stressful. Many people get overwhelmed because there are too many choices. They can’t figure out what is important, or what is a waste of money for their business. We see this a lot with people that are new to buying copiers. Luckily, our team is here to help your find the right copier for your business.

Choosing the right copier is more than just finding something with features that you like. It’s also about finding something that fits your price range, and choosing something that will keep up with your desired growth.

We always suggest figuring out what you know that you need first. These are features that your business absolutely cannot function without. Things like:

  • Color printing
  • Dual sided printing
  • Extremely fast print speed
  • Wireless faxing, printing, etc
  • Tabloid functions

Features like these that will be integral to your business are extremely important. You can always walk away from the features you don’t need, but you need to make sure you have the bare minimum.

Next, think about the things that you think are important, but maybe don’t necessarily need.

  • Extra security precautions
  • Print Management features
  • Ability to handle larger workgroups
  • Desktop Operations

Things like these may not make or break your business, but you might want them.

Finally, think about all these things in terms of your current budget and desired future growth. The trick is to balancing all these factors. One great way to get help with this is to work with our amazing team to help you find the right option. Reach out to us today for help on choosing the right copier for your business.