Room for Interpretation in Your Houston Copier Contract

You are in the market for a new copier and contract, but you are overwhelmed with all of the options which you are being presented. You just want the best copier for the money you are willing to spend, but it is not as easy as you thought. There are various quotes such as one that has a price tag of $324.00 per month that includes everything. That looks like a really good deal, but most of these deals have a stipulation for overages, accessories, maintenance, etc. You are not a copier expert, but listening to the representatives speak the lingo makes it even more of a hassle than before. It sounds like a good deal, so you sign it anyways.

What just happened?

You actually signed up for a price tag that is 20-30% more than you would have to pay if you itemized the quote. When the representative just puts 1 number up there for you, you might find yourself inclined not to look at anything else. It seems like a simple price quote, but the margin is padded. It leaves room for interpretation on for which you are being charged.