Small Copiers for Sale

If you are in Houston and you are thinking about buying a used copier or a desktop copier and you want something that is not super expensive, Xerox has some great office copiers for your company.  The most commonly purchased small Xerox copier for a small business is the Xerox WorkCentre 3550.  The main reason is because it is 35 pages a minute and just about $1000 for the copier!  A lot of people looking for the desktop copier for their Houston company want to avoid spending the standard $2000+ like the Phaser 3635 would cost or the $3000+ the WorkCentre 4260 would cost.

The biggest thing you should always do when looking for a copier in Houston is to ensure that you understand what it is you are looking for.  This will allow you to make appropriate decisions based on cost and based on the actual needs of your company.

We have Xerox copiers for sale as well as Lexmark and HP and would love to help out your Houston business given an opportunity!