Steps to Take to Reduce Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds

Whether you care about your exposure to VOC’s or not, you should at the very least, care about the exposure your employees and users have to face. Not to mention, it can open up many liabilities for yourself, their family, and your business. If you care about any of these factors, the tips below are worth considering.

Here are some practical solutions that you can apply if you have a copier that produces VOC’s.

  • Place the copier/printer away from the desks in a well ventilated room. This would decrease the exposure of administrators and employees to the VOC’s, but it may come at the price of a trade off in efficiency. Do you want your employees or admins sitting next to an ozone producing copier/printer for at least 8 hours a day? Employees and admins work for a living, they shouldn’t kill themselves working.
  • Reconsider the copier you are interested in, or the one you have. There are plenty of copiers/printers that do not produce ozone.
  • If you have an ozone producing copier/printer, make sure that the filters are changed often. If you notice black marks on the wall near the copier/printer, this is a result derived from dirty filters.