Stop Spending Too Much on Prints

Getting a good deal on a copier lease is hard enough without having to think about monthly print and toner costs. Unfortunately, leasing companies use print costs as another way to suck extra money out of your pocket. At Copier Houston we believe in fair leases and want to expose how to stop spending too much on prints.

When thinking about monthly print costs it’s important to be conservative in your estimate.  Leasing companies will try and make you think that being conservative is dangerous, but they are only saying that as a way to get you to spend more money.

It is true that if you need more prints in the middle of the month that it will be more expensive than buying it upfront. However, spending a little more for prints you actually need will save you more than buying prints that you don’t need.

For example, let’s say that you wanted 25,000 prints for your business. Your leasing agent may suggest that you do 30,000 prints per month just so you can print more if you need to. They may even give you a discount on the larger quantity, but it is just a trick.

  • 25,000 prints x $.015 per print = $375 per month
  • 30,000 prints x $.014 per print = $420 per month

That’s a difference of $45 every month. Over the course of your lease you would be spending over $2500 on prints that you never use.

Don’t let other leasing companies take advantage of you. Call Copier Houston today to get the best copier leases around.