Storage of Copier Toner and Supplies

Don’t Store Your Copier Supplies For Too Long

Oftentimes, Houston companies that make use of copiers and printers every day will store their backup cartridges and printing supplies in a storage room. While this type of activity may seem like a good idea, it can actually cause your company to lose a substantive amount of money.

If you’re a money conscious business owner who wants to see your company succeed, you may be interested in grasping why storing supplies in a storage room can cause you to lose money. The reason has to do with the warranty. Basically, copier and printer supplies often come with one year warranties that guarantee your ability to return them if they stop functioning properly within that time frame. In other cases, however, the warranties are only good for three months. Thus if you attempt to use an item like a cartridge following the ninety day warranty period, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

To ensure that your printer cartridges and other copier related products don’t “go bad” and cause you to lose money, you can contact your Houston manufacturer and get detailed information regarding the warranty. In so doing, you’ll preclude yourself from stocking items with warranties that expire prior to the time you plan to use them.