The Legal/Letter And Tabloid Debate: How Do You Know What You Need Out Of A Houston Copier?

Knowing what you need before shaking hands on a Houston copier deal may save you bundles!

Have you ever walked into an office and you see a giant copier working away that’s the size of a small car? Maybe not THAT big, but you get my point! A lot of people think, “Wow, there’s a real copier!” Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of purchasing departments think as well, and get one when given the tasking to purchase a real copier that means business and drives business and productivity. Many times before a Houston copier purchase, however, proper thought doesn’t go into the decision on whether or not to get a tabloid capable copier in Houston. Here are some fast facts on the issue:

  • Only get tabloid if your office or workgroup prints tabloid on a consistent basis
  • Tabloid, or A3 copiers, cost thousands more, and use much more power
  • Tabloid copiers in Houston and elsewhere can be quite slow in comparison with their more agile letter/legal counterparts

Some alternatives to getting a tabloid copier involve the common sense type things such as not printing tabloid! Other options if you MUST print tabloid is to take it to a copy shop if you don’t print more than a few thousand dollars worth over a few years. These may sound obvious, and I hate to write them, but it happens often with Houston copier purchases, and is worth mentioning to safeguard Houston companies’ hard-earned capital.