The Problem With Returning an Old Copier

Returning a Copier in Houston

A lot of companies continue working with their Houston copier company because the process to return a copier through a leasing company can be a complete pain.  The first concern is making sure you do not miss the bus.  What does this mean?  There is an amount of time where you have to notify a leasing company of your intent to return a copier to them.  If you are too late, it’s totally possible you’ll get the joy of being stuck in another year of a copier lease.  Even work is if you already signed the paperwork for the new copier.  Then you can end up paying for 2 copiers for a year!

So, what can you do?  Here are a few simple steps every Houston company should consider in buying a copier!

  • Make sure you know when the windows for notifying your leasing company closes.  If you know this and give the proper notification, this can save you a ton of headache
  • If you are sending a copier back yourself, take lots of pictures as you package the copier and make sure to remove and package seperately all copier supplies
  • Don’t get so overwhelmed that you just sign another bad lease to not have to deal with the copier return
  • Ask questions of the copier companies you are working with.  See if they can help you package up the old copier as a condition to getting the new copier deal
  • Don’t lease unless you have an accounting reason to do so.  The interest rates are not favorable to the Houston company looking to purchase a copier. 

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