Tips for Buying Your Next Copier

questionmarkBeyond a doubt, you have do’s and don’t’s when it comes to buying a new copier. The price range will differ greatly and the lower end models can cost as little as $150, but the higher end commercial copiers can cost as much as $50,000. Most companies, however, will want that middle range of between a $2,500 copier to a $7,000 copier. It depends on your office needs. Avoid going cheap because while that $300 copier looks like a great buy, it can backfire. You can find yourself paying five to 10 times more over the long term because the cost per page can easily go over that with the ink and toner prices alone.

When looking at a copier, always consider the total cost of ownership. A cheaper machine might be advantageous for casual home use, but for small to medium-size offices, even a print volume of 2,500 sheets per month can add up to ridiculous fees. Sometimes buying a used copier makes sense because you can save up to 80 percent on the original costs of the copier, and you avoid the depreciation of buying a newer machine. As long as you have a solid service agreement, you will not have to give up much for the performance and reliability. Finally, avoid buying a color copier unless you need attractive color copies to add appeal to your marketing materials.