Toner Cartridges in Houston

Houston Copier Toner Sales

Toner cartridges are designed to produce a certain number of copies, which varies based upon the preferred quality of your print jobs. When your toner reaches a preset level, the control panel on your copier will display an error message indicating that the machine needs toner. Some companies use original toner cartridges, and others prefer to use refilled cartridges. If you refill your cartridges in-house, this guide provides some tips on handling toner.

Toner is a known carcinogen that can increase your risk for respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. Make sure that you wear sufficient safety gear when adding or cleaning spilled toner. If toner spills on your skin or clothing, use cold water to remove the powder. Avoid using hot water because it activates the toner, which causes it to bond.

To clean a toner spill, you need a specially designed vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, these machines are electrostatic discharge-safe, which prevents reactions that cause fires and explosions. Toner particles can slip past the filter in a standard vacuum and damage the machine. If you need to lease or purchase a Xerox copier in the Houston area, give us a call. We can provide information on affordable service agreements as well.