Understanding Your Service Contract

man-875702_640Before you purchase a service contract, you should understand what you will actually need and what you do not. While most service contracts offer a hassle-free method of using your copier, you should understand that the terms of your contract will be negotiable. When it comes to your contract, there will be clicks, which boils down to a printed image on a single side of the paper. If you are printing on both sides, it adds up to two clicks.

When you have entered into a service contract, you will have guaranteed service from your provider related to the monthly minimum of clicks. Nevertheless, you will have to pay for the rate whether you use them or not, so you want to make sure that you use them. Also, you will have to pay for overages, which can get much higher, so you want to add a little cushioning in advance. Before you ever sign a service contract, always make sure that you understand the overage fees so that you are not surprised later. Want to learn more about service contracts? If so, our dealership in Houston can help.