Used Copiers

Buying a used copier in Houston

When searching for the right copier in Houston, there are three options. A copier can be purchased new, a copier can be leased, or a copier can be purchased used. Don’t count out buying a used copier. These machines aren’t necessarily the beat up relics of offices past that many think. A good used copier has a long life left and can service your office for years to come.

There are several reasons to look at a used copier.

The price can be much lower than a new copier or a leased copier. This doesn’t necessarily mean the machine is bad, it just means it has been preowned by another business. A copier that wasn’t in the budge before can now be safely purchased.

Many used business machine dealers offer warranties. A copier doesn’t have to be new to be covered. These warranties can run the gamut from covering damage to full replacement and upgrades.

A used copier can still have a maintenance contract. A maintenance contract isn’t just the sole resource of a leasing company. Knowledgable technician can still work on a used copier. This contract can also offer supplies and toner if that is what is needed for the business.

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