The Value of a Copier Lease

Business copiers can be one of the biggest assets in your office. They run at the heart of just about every business. In fact, they are the most commonly used tool in the modern office. However, we also understand that many people are scared away from a lease because of the perceived cost. The truth is that there is much more value to a copier lease than people may realize.

A common mistake that we see is people who wrongly think that a cheap printer or copier from an office supply store will have the same effect that they desire. However, that is basically never correct. Your $200 printer will not be able to handle a fraction of what you need it to. You will also be stuck paying more for the paper and toner that you use every day by avoiding the leasing company.

Sure, copier leases are just another monthly cost that you have to deal with. However, you are getting a lot for that payment.


  • Better Copiers. When you get a copier lease you are getting a better machine. These are top-notch office solutions made by the experts at companies like Xerox. They are made for business solutions and can handle the workflow that you use them for.
  • Cheaper Consumables. Copier leasing companies offer contracts to help you with monthly consumables. These contracts will basically always be cheaper than buying products on your own.
  • Maintenance Help. Your leasing company will be there to help you with problems that you face down the road. Without the help of a leasing company you will be on your own. Once your machine breaks down, you are going to want the help.


These are only a fraction of what you get by being on a copier lease. The benefits continue on and on, which is why a copier lease is truly worth the money.