What Does $1 Buyout Mean When Talking About A Houston Copier?

Hopefully no one is telling you a $1 buyout on a Houston copier is the best deal!

A $1 buyout on a copier in Houston can be a way to spread out the cost of a copier over 3 to 5 years, but you will definitely be paying interest, and paying for the copier in full. In short, it’s a good option if you KNOW you want to be paired with that copier for life! If you want to keep your options open a bit but still have the sting of a big purchase spread out a little, FMV leases may be something worth considering for you Houston copier needs. That is covered in a separate post, so keep reading!

It is wise for small businesses or start up businesses to consider the FMV lease on a Houston copier, so be sure and check that out! For a small to medium sized well established business or organization that knows it needs a certain type of copier in Houston and is ready to commit, then the $1 buyout is a great option for helping with cash flow.

The initial cost of a big office machine can be hefty, but can be a lot cheaper than having to go through a few different devices as you keep growing. Quality Houston copiers pay for themselves in the long run, and a $1 buyout lease enables you to get it now to save long-term expenses.