What is Included? What Isn't in Your Copier Contract?

copier_girlWhat You Need to Ask When Purchasing a New Houston Copier

When you decide to purchase a new Houston copier, there are a few questions that you can ask. These types of questions will help you select a copier that fulfills both your quality and print volume needs at a price that you can afford comfortably.

Are the Costs of Maintenance and Supplies Included?

If either of these two things aren’t included with your Houston copier lease, then you may need to provide them separately. Is it cheaper to do so, or would you rather pay more for convenience?

What is the Cost of the Copier Without Supplies?

You may be able to cut some costs by providing your own supplies or choosing a supplier separate from your copier provider.

Do Accessories Cost Too Much?

Companies often need faxing, finishing and other accessories to fulfill their print needs. Does the lease provider supply these? Are they provided at too high of a price? Does your printer or copier provide scanning options that suit your needs?

Do Your Technicians Know How to Maintain Your Printer or Copier?

If your technicians don’t know how to maintain your Houston copier, then how much would it cost to hire technicians that do know how or train your current ones?

Is the Buyout Free?

If so, does that mean you have to replace the old copier? Would the costs be the same without replacing it? Is there a large difference in price?

Can the Copier or Printer Be Networked?

If not, then you may run into some issues with hardware compatibility. This may cause slowdowns with your business’s work.