When Buying a Small Copier in Houston Makes More Sense…

If you are in Houston and in the copier market, it is likely that you are looking at all of your Houston copier options.  One of the options that people neglect to consider is getting a fast laser printer and a smaller copier for their Houston office.  If most of your jobs are black and white prints, you can have a laser printer like an HP 4250DN or a HP Laserjet 4350DN and that can do most of your work, and then you can have a small copier to take care of the little copy or fax runs.

Of course this means you have 2 devices instead of just one.  With this in mind, it is good to consider, especially with many of the HP laser printers available for $500 or $600 and then the copier may be under $2000 more.  You can get all your volume done, have a back up and even have color for under $2,500 of initial copier costs.

Buying a copier in Houston can be confusing.  It is our job to help you find the more cost efficient and also the best copier solution in Houston!

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