WorkCentre 7970 Overview

When you think of a powerful printer fit for the modern office then you should think of Xerox. And when you think of a great Xerox printer for your busiest workday then you should think of the WorkCentre 7970. This multifunction printing device is the best answer for the most demanding print jobs you will encounter.

The WorkCentre 7970 is an amazing machine that will help you free up more time while completing stunning prints. This machine is powerful and capable of completing up to 70 prints per minute for both color and monochrome. It can even handle prints as large as 12.6” x 19”. With speeds and sizes like that you will be sure to impress.

It also has a number of smart features to help make your day easier. The WorkCentre 7970 is a multifunction machine that can handle scans just as well as it can handle prints. A number of scanning solutions will be accessible through the 9inch touchscreen to help make jobs go more smoothly.

  • Optical character recognition
  • Searchable PDF creation
  • Scan both sides simultaneously
  • Scan to Email

Xerox’s efforts to make mobile a priority shines through with the WorkCentre 7970. In addition to the scan to email features you can also use the Connect Key technology to access you work on the road. You will be able to access files from anywhere and print on the go.

The WorkCentre 7970 is a machine that can handle whatever job you throw its way. It was made with the modern office in mind and gives you the tools to take on any unexpected job you can imagine.