Xerox: Communicating Toner Levels & Billing Meters

Xerox has automatic billing meters and toner level service. With this solution, all your supplies will be delivered on time, and you won’t have to worry about ordering. Eventually, you won’t have to rush to the stationery shops to buy them.  With this service there is no halt in the overall productivity of your firms.

The printer communication management system for billing and supplies is a hands-on process. So, many businesses across the globe have relied heavily on this service for many years now. 

Immediately in effect from December 31, 2021, all Xerox devices running on software versions won’t transmit their data into Xerox printers. Therefore, you need to discontinue the previous protocols. But how do you know that this upgrade process influences your Xerox device? You can go through the technical bulletin for more details. 

In most cases, this entire process ensures that your printer’s software meets the minimal requirements to carry on with the communication process. Apart from that, any links to software that will influence a printer model are available in the bulletin. There are other resources available to help you in this regard. 

It is critical for some models to keep on sending these toner levels and billing meters using Xerox Device Agent, a device manager application program. You can use these programs to install your printer on a networked desktop computer. This application is especially useful when multiple printers are present in the network. 

You can simultaneously add up to 2000 printers within a network using this application. But none of it will work if you don’t follow the latest protocols, so contact Copier Houston for further assistance.