Xerox Green World Alliance Recycling Programme

Did you know in the United States alone, over 110 million toner cartridges are disposed annually. If piled vertically, its height and bulk could equal the 110 floors Sears Tower. Together, Xerox have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills over the past 20 years.

Xerox’s commitment is to produce waste-free products in waste-free facilities to help our customers reduce waste. Take advantage of Xerox’s free recycling program and trust that your cartridge is put to its next best environmental use.

All Genuine Xerox Branded Imaging Supply items can be recycled by Xerox. Xerox also accepts original HP, Lexmark, and Brother Toner Cartridges for recycling. You can even track your return to ensure it arrives!

Are you keen to do your bit and help save the planet? Consumers who wish to make use of the Xerox Recycling program can log on to Xerox’s website and print pre-paid UPS shipping labels that are uniquely bar-coded (maximum of 15 at a time) for each pack intended for return.


All Genuine Xerox Branded Imaging Supply items can be recycled by Xerox. These single return items include select Used Xerox Cartridges, Waste toner containers, empty toner bottles, fuser modules, and Xerox Branded HP & Brother Replacement cartridges.


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