Xerox Innovation

XEROX Focus and Innovation

If you are in the market for a great copier, you might want to consider a XEROX. For over a century XEROX has been an innovative technology leader. In 1973 XEROX developed the very first small computer. Known as the XEROX Alto, the company produced it in secret at its Laboratory in Palo Alto. The Alto was never commercialized, in part because at the time the company could not conceive of a market for the new product. But a few years later, in 1979, a young Steve Jobs made a deal with the company. In exchange for a million dollars of investment in Apple (and thus XEROX taking an equity position in the company), Jobs was given a tour of the laboratory. What he found there was the mouse, the original concept behind a desktop interface with icons, and cathode ray tube screen, and even an Ethernet connection.

XEROX went on to focus on what they did best, developing printing technology especially in the area of laser jet printers. And Jobs went on to make the Macintosh computer. XEROX has since become the world’ premier copier company but their innovations have allowed copiers to become better, more integrated, and more robust. In Houston, if are a company looking for a copier that can move your company forward, take a look at a XEROX.