Xerox is Always Leading the Way

If your Houston area business is in the market for a great copier, you would do well to consider Xerox. For more than a hundred years they have been at the forefront of technological innovation. In fact, they 8700developed the first small computer, known as the Xerox Alto. They produced it in secret at their laboratory in Palo Alto, but never commercialized it, in part because they could not think of a market for such a device at the time. A few years later, however, a man by the name of Steve Jobs made a deal with Xerox. In exchange for an investment in Apple, Jobs was given a tour of Xerox’s laboratory. He found several items that would later be put into his first Macintosh computer – including a mouse, the original concept behind desktop interfaces, a cathode ray tube screen and even an ethernet connection. 

Xerox would continue to focus on developing printing technology and especially capitalized on their invention of laser jet printers. They have since gone on to become the leading copier company in the world and their innovations continue to propel copier technology into the future.

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