Xerox, Leading the Way

Xerox has always been one of the leaders in the copier industry. As the modern world has become more and more technologically driven, Xerox has been able to keep up with it and in some cases even surpass it. Their 8700technological advancements have made companies more efficient and capable of providing their customers with a more than satisfactory product.

Their new copiers are not only capable of doing the common functions of copiers but are also equipped with new user friendly interfaces and they are now able to handle heavier paper options. These new technologies save a lot of man hours because they increase their usage rates and the copiers have become more automated. 

This new technology is not only related to the functionality of Xerox copiers but is also related to how they have been able to size their devices more appropriately for the modern office. Having a smaller copier allows offices to function more efficiently. They have also designed their copiers to be more sturdy so that they will not break in the face of a lot of use.

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