Xerox, Leading the Way

Xerox has always been at the head of the copier industry. As businesses have become more and more technologically advanced copiers have played an increasingly large role in providing businesses with the tools they need to be able to accomplish what they have set out to do. Xerox has led the charge in many of the ways Colorqubethat copiers have become increasingly innovative.

Xerox not only offers copiers that perform the more common functions of copiers, but have also designed more user friendly interfaces and have made their copiers capable of handling heavier paper. These innovations also allow for more cost effective usage rates because the processes are automated, which saves man hours.

Not only is Xerox leading the way in terms of the functionality of their machines, but they have also designed their copiers to be more appropriately sized for offices which need to be able to accommodate limited amounts of space. They have also designed their copiers to be more sturdy so they do not easily break if they are subjected to office accidents.

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