Xerox MFP's in Houston

copier_girlThere are many Houston companies these days getting high quality mfp copiers rather than the traditional floor standing copier of the past.  Why, well, first of all for under $3,000 you can get a 50 page per minute copier that runs at about the same cost per click as the “big units” out there.  What does this mean? Mainly that your Houston company may save close to $4000 just on the up front cost.  Multiply this by 8 to 10, like a bigger office might have, and you almost have another employee and there is no slowdown.

The interesting item is that these desktop units warm up faster and can often outperform floor standing copiers that are rated faster because they warm up so much quick.  It is like the difference between warming up a small Toyota or a Mack truck.  Some of the typical desktop copier models we sell are in the WorkCentre family of copiers.

If you are interested about getting a MFP for your office, we’d be happy to do some side by side comparisons for your company.  Call us today and we can get started!