Xeroxing is NOT a Word

Xerox Says You Shouldn’t Say Xerox

While less used today, if someone asked you to xerox a report, you would almost certainly know what they are talking about. The Oxford English Dictionary even listed the word as a verb. According to the company, that’s a bad thing when people use xerox as a verb because it could be considered a generic word and no longer a protected trademark.

Why is this a bad thing? If xerox becomes a generic term, competitors could use the word too. To combat the problem, Xerox Corporation promotes campaigns on Editor and Publisher telling readers not to use xerox as a verb. Xerox Corporation has stated that you cannot xerox a document, but you can copy it onto a Xerox brand copier machine. However, is this as bad as they are making it seem? Even if their brand name becomes a generic term, having their product name mentioned often leads to free advertisement. From the innovative company that invented the copier, Xerox has consistently produced 20 patents every week. If you would like to learn more about Xerox, contact us at our Houston business.