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Steps to Take to Reduce Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds

By Marketing Group / January 29, 2015 / Comments Off on Steps to Take to Reduce Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds

Whether you care about your exposure to VOC’s or not, you should at the very least, care about the exposure your employees and users have to face. Not to mention, it can open up many liabilities for yourself, their family, and your business. If you care about any of these factors, the tips below are…

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Itemizing Your Copier

By Marketing Group / January 15, 2015 / Comments Off on Itemizing Your Copier

You have a finisher. You don’t really need it, but it was included in the full price. You start to wonder, “How much did this cost?” You found out that it actually costs around $1,000-$2,000. Also, you paid for more pages than you actually use. So you have more than you need, but at what…

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How to Buy the Right Copier

By Marketing Group / October 9, 2013 / Comments Off on How to Buy the Right Copier

Find the Right Xerox Copier in Houston As a business owner in Houston, you have a number of choices when you are looking for a new Xerox copier or a new copier company. How do you know which company to pick? Here are just a few of the many reasons why our company should be…

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Save a Ton on a Color Copier

By Marketing Group / June 16, 2013 / Comments Off on Save a Ton on a Color Copier

You are looking for a color copier here in Houston and you are unsure what to get?  There are lots of copiers out there and we partner with various companies who sell copiers and make sure you are always getting the best pricing on your next office copier.  Some copier companies have specials on letter/legal…

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Getting Your Next Houston Copier

By Marketing Group / June 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Getting Your Next Houston Copier

Technology has changed the way many organizations run their offices. Computers and multi-line telephone systems have replaced most typewriters and one line telephones. In addition, voice activated computer systems have replaced most human telephone assistance. Email has become a standard for communication and documentation. Moreover, the Internet has made it possible for organizations to conduct…

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How Do You Know Who to Call?

By Marketing Group / May 24, 2013 / Comments Off on How Do You Know Who to Call?

As you look for a copier, you will start to get overwhelmed, if you are like most people.  The main source of frustration is actually the copier buying process.  Most people want to get 3 to 5 quotes on a new copier (which you actually can get by filling out the form below)… but in…

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Toner Cartridges in Houston

By Marketing Group / April 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Toner Cartridges in Houston

Houston Copier Toner Sales Toner cartridges are designed to produce a certain number of copies, which varies based upon the preferred quality of your print jobs. When your toner reaches a preset level, the control panel on your copier will display an error message indicating that the machine needs toner. Some companies use original toner…

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Copier History and Present

By Marketing Group / February 15, 2013 / Comments Off on Copier History and Present

Houston Copier First introduced in 1932, copiers are an indispensable tool for modern businesses. The machines help companies save money on their printing cost. Many companies use a significant portion of their time and budget researching and purchasing the latest copiers. Unfortunately, some companies discover that their copy machines do not have the capacity to…

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Used Copiers

By Marketing Group / January 3, 2013 / Comments Off on Used Copiers

Buying a used copier in Houston When searching for the right copier in Houston, there are three options. A copier can be purchased new, a copier can be leased, or a copier can be purchased used. Don’t count out buying a used copier. These machines aren’t necessarily the beat up relics of offices past that…

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