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Copiers and Laser Printers

Searching for a new copier will often come with the input of plenty of people who are probably too anxious to give you their opinions. A lot of them will tell you that copiers are cheaper but then others will insist that laser printers will lead to more savings. But don’t let this get you…

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General Information On Leasing A Copier In Houston

Leasing a copier in Houston poses challenges, but there can also be a payoff of sorts. The brutal truth of leasing is that you will pay more over the life of the lease or copier than buying in almost all cases on comparable copiers. The reason for this is the financing charges–because leasing companies don’t…

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Houston Copier Sales And The Power Of Xerox

Selling copiers in Houston isn’t always easy in an economy like the current one, but for some reason Xerox copier sales keep staying positive, and it’s not hard to understand why! With efficient copiers and stellar service plans, Xerox supports the Houston copier market in a big way. The printer above is one of our…

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